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South African products not allowed to be imported into the UK

South African's living in the UK faced a ban on some of their favourite foods, due to them not meeting the production  required by the EU.

The reason behind this change of events is that since 31 March 2017, South Africa do not have an EU Approved Residue Control Plan in place for animal products used as ingredients in our favourite South African foods, like biscuits, rusks, sauces and chocolates.

So, what’s on the banned list?

  • Bakers: Tennis Biscuits, Iced Zoo, Choc-Kits, Lemon Creams, Pro-Vita, Ouma Plain Rusks, Ouma Apple and Raisin, Ouma Blueberry and Poppyseed, Ouma Three Seed.
  • Nestle and Cadbury products INCLUDING Dairy Milk
  • Others: Chocolate Log, Tex, Peppermint Crisp, Bar-One, Caramel Creams
  • Products containing non EU certified egg and milk
  • Simba Cheese Nik Naks has 2 issues - Trademark infringement and dairy

From time to time, producers do use approved imported dairy which is why we can import Ouma Buttermilk Rusks and Romany Creams. Ouma Condense Milk and Muesli Rusks do not contain dairy.

BREXIT has not changed this, unfortunately as the EU laws were signed into UK  law.